Plan your company’s next outing at Amegundi Resort

Running an office with employees from diverse backgrounds can be quite a task. The ego clashes and professional enmity are inevitable parts of an organization. With employees dissatisfied, the workflow of the organisation is affected, leading to an adverse impact on the overall revenue of the orgranisation. In such cases, team building and interaction are the only ways to save this sinking ship. Moreover, a weekend vacation planned by the company for its hard-working employees keeps the morale high and increases productivity. 


As an HR, you would like to plan this team outing to a place where the focus remains on team building and the team enjoys those activities. Let’s be honest, we don’t want the employees to be bored in these activities. If employees do get bored, team building is out of the question. Don’t fret though! Amegundi Resort has got you covered on this front. We have specially designed packages for the corporates. With room for customisation, our packages include everything from unique team building activities to refreshments for the employees. Moreover, we have a range of adventurous activities planned for the employees to break out from their monotonous routine and let that adrenaline rush drive them. 


The team is welcomed at Amegundi with specially crafted welcome drinks to kick off the weekend. Our team has also allotted two hours for team building activities. The activities are played in groups and tests the decision making and teamwork abilities. It also allows the team members to get out of their shell and interact with each other. The package also includes over 15 varied adventurous activities starting from zip-lining to balancing wheel and many more. The team can also have fun at the swimming pool and dance off their stress in the mist dance area. People are also free to play both indoor and outdoor games at Amegundi Resort. 


Our corporate package is perfect for team outings as it takes care of the fun part and the food part! Plan a memorable team outing at Amegundi Resort. We would love to serve you!


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