Why a little bit of adrenaline rush good sometimes?

Adrenaline is usually associated with stress hormones. Many researchers even find it harmful. But that doesn’t mean the effect of the same is always detrimental. The stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are dumped by our adrenal glands in stressful situations, it’s called an adrenaline rush. Such rush, if you notice close enough gives your body a heightened sense of physical and mental alertness. Well, as long as this heightened sense doesn’t last for a long time, we all can use this adrenaline to carry out other activities. 

It is a scientifically proven fact that one of the consequences of adrenaline release is the dilation of your pupils. This allows more light through the expanded pupil. Often patients with Glaucoma are treated with the help of synthesised adrenaline. But, you don’t need to choose a synthesised version of adrenaline when you can get that adrenaline rushing at Amegundi Resort. We have a wide range of adventurous activities for everyone.

When adrenaline is supplied to your body for short periods of time, it actually boosts your immune system, at least temporarily. It betters your body’s ability to fight infections.

The adrenaline in stressful times tells the smooth muscles like Bronchioles in the lungs to relax and lets you breathe better. It relaxes your body in case of stressful situations.

The researchers believe that any kind of stressful situation gives an individual extra strength to complete unusual tasks. It lets the person tap the extra latent strength.

You can enjoy all the benefits of an adrenaline rush by taking up several adventurous activities. Amegundi Resort is the perfect spot in Kanakpura which allows you to take up various adventurous activities like Zip Lining, Water roller, Bottle shooting, Burma bridge, etc. Come and enjoy with us!


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