Your safe travel partner: Amegundi Resort

With the expectation of the second wave of COVID hitting India, everyone needs to be extra careful. Fortunately, we are not under lockdown. But it is quite important to take necessary precautions in order to be safe. As someone has rightly said, “ The show must go on.” The world is finally accepting the new normal and is moving forward. It’s been a long time since people have been stuck indoors watching and finishing up hundreds of movies and web series. Netflix and chill was the only outlet of entertainment. But now, things are opening up. People can finally step outdoors and plan a whole vacation or just a short weekend getaway. 


If your work is keeping you consumed on the weekdays, it’s high time you plan a weekend getaway at Amegundi Resort with your loved ones. You can either visit us to relax and rejuvenate or you can submit to that adrenaline god in you with our wide range of adventurous activities. Be assured Amegundi is safe and open for all its guests. Located in the green haven of Kanakpura, 50 Kms away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Amegundi is the safe spot for a perfect vacay for you and your loved ones. Away from the crowd of the main city, Amegundi Resort is the best option for you to enjoy a safe and fun vacation. 


We have a variety of fun activities planned for our guests. Starting from indoor games to outdoor games, Amegundi Resort has it all. If you are inclined towards adventurous activities, we have activities like zip-lining, monkey crawling, bottle shooting, and many others. For kids, we have trampolines, zig-zag walk, and many others. Every piece of equipment is sanitised regularly after usage. Not just that, the seating area, door handles, rooms, etc are sanitised thoroughly by our staff to reduce the risk of transmission. Moreover, we strictly advise the staff and our guests to wear masks all the time as per the government’s order. Our hospitality is unique and safe in this pandemic. Amegundi waits to serve you in a safe and secure environment. 


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